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The School Yoga Project: Tools for Teachers

The School Yoga Project
Tools for Teachers
Last week FLACS II teachers participated in a Yoga and Mindfulness workshop provided by Little Flower Yoga. They learned what it means to incorporate certain elements of Yoga into the classrooms and the benefits of mindfulness. [1]
Improve focus and awareness.
Increase responsiveness to students’ needs.
Promote emotional balance.
Support stress managements and stress reduction.
Supports healthy relationships at work and home.
Enhances classroom climate.
Supports overall well-being
Supports readiness to learn.
Promotes academic performance.
Strengthens attention and concentration.
Reduces anxiety before testing.
Promotes self-reflection and self-calming.
Enhances social and emotional learning.
Fosters pro Social behaviors and healthy relationships.
Supports holistic well-being
[1]Schoeberlein, Deborah. Mindful Teaching and Teaching Mindfulness: A guide from Anyone Who Teaches Anything.
Our teachers explored the various ways of leading students through certain practices. These practices will not only teach students to be conscious of the world around them; but to also be mindful of their own well-being. Some examples of the practices done during the workshop were Energy Level Check-In, Body Awareness, Heart and Belly Breath, Layers of Sounds, Walk Stop Wiggle Sit, and Loving Kindness Practice.
Teachers also learned how to use the 5 elements of Yoga and Mindfulness by connecting, breathing, moving, focusing, and relaxing. Check out our social media pages (FacebookTwitter, & Instagram) to see a video on how our teachers did! Overall the workshop was met with great success and our teachers can’t wait to share their experience with their students and even practice in their own homes! Click here to view pictures.

For information on resources click on the links below. NAMASTE!

Free Videos: 3-5 minutes of activities for children and teens.

Mindful Schools Online Courses.
To learn more from Little Flower Yoga visit their blog where you’ll find instructions for additional activities, resources and information about their book.